Loli Gallery – Roronekorone


While waiting on the team to polish up eps 2 and 3, thought I would go gather more lolis to our fold. I like how Roronekorone’s art is so simplistic yet irresistably cute. Surreal themes and simple backgrounds, these artworks are a refreshing change of pace.


There’s so much Miku out there. Not to say that’s a bad thing, but Roronekorone’s work stands out because it appears fresh and original.51663968_p034546009_p0   43703534_p0

2 thoughts on “Loli Gallery – Roronekorone

  1. U.S. Grant

    Thanks for the gallery. By the way, the first 3 pictures have a wrong link. If you click the first picture you will see No. 3, and if you click No. 2 or 3 than you see No. 4.



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