3 thoughts on “[CabbageSubs] Himouto! Umaru-chan – 02 [720p] [016FB598]

  1. Gin-Iro

    Seems like you guys didn’t really succeed during summer 2015 season, with himouto still at episode 2. Well, after reading the first post, it seems you guys created this group intended for this winter 2015 so no matter. For now I’ll bookmarked this blog so I can check for any news or updates every now or then.


    1. leafyvegetable Post author

      We didn’t succeed cos the show sucked and I couldn’t for the life of me motivate anyone to do it beyond ep2 lol.
      However we are planning to do shorts/OVAs this season just to get everyone back into the swing of things. No promises tho.


      1. Gin-Iro

        Nice to see your planning for OVAs as those are usually the ones left unsubbed. It’s mighty great for you guys to sub animu and I can’t thank enough for that. As a leecher that’s the right thing to do, just a simple gratitude for your hard work and keep quiet if there is none. Good luck and keep up doing this hobby, I’m rooting for you guys from the shadow o/


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