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Anime Festival Asia 2017 Cosplay Gallery

Bringing you the best cosplay at AFA this year!

Also the 25k Saekano statue… lol not sure if they gonna find a whale here to buy it.

Most of the cosplay was as usual the ultrapopular mainstream stuff, though it is still nice to see Otaku culture alive and well in Singapore. Respect for the Gochiusa and Umaru as well as other niche cosplayers, for doing something quite different and less mainstream. Sure they were popular anime but not THE most watched anime of their seasons.

Too bad I can’t go for the other 2 days as I have family commitments. So no day 2 or day 3 gallery, sorry guys.


The Cabbage Prevails

We survived the Nyaapocalypse.


https://nyaa.si/?q=cabbagesubs&f=0&c=0_0 this works too
Working on projects for 2017.

Plans for Kud Wafter when it’s out.

Just saying we’re still alive, and I am working on getting all our torrents worth salvaging alive again.

The cabbage prevails.

Meanwhile, have a loli.

seeding nyaapocalypse.PNG

See ya


[CabbageSubs] Star Night Snow [Snow Miku 2017]

CabbageSubs Presents
[CabbageSubs] Star Night Snow [Snow Miku 2017]

Star Night Snow (n-buna x Orangestar feat. HATSUNE MIKU)

Nyaa: 1080p 720p Script

Our first project for 2017
Here’s a happy song to start the year with

And CabbageSubs is back for 2017!

TL: Arashi
Edit: LeafyVegetable
QC: InfectedPathogenVirus
Timer/TS: Odoxzz
KFx: Roster

Official theme song of Snow Miku 2017

[CabbageSubs] Star Night Snow [Snow Miku 2017] 1 resized.jpg

[CabbageSubs] Star Night Snow [Snow Miku 2017] 2 resized.jpg

Official art:
Snow Miku 2017 official.jpg

Official youtube vid (raw): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuT3xYLW7vA
Credit to the original creators, we own nothing and are merely providing a free fansub