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[CabbageSubs] Hana wa Saku – Flowers will Bloom 720p

Hana wa Saku Release Pic.png

[CabbageSubs] Hana wa Saku – Flowers will Bloom 720p

Torrent (720p): https://nyaa.pantsu.cat/view/968429  or  https://nyaa.si/view/947943

Mirror – Mega DDL: https://mega.nz/#!AkI30biK!Aum48uKvs9Y3HyNxdqrSkrJl42Oq0JPvj9VqZvzjDiU

Note we took a more literal approach this time

TL, QC: InfectedPathogenVirus
Edit: LeafyVegetab;e
Timing/KFx: Odoxzz
KTiming: Kemslei

Please visit us at https://cabbagesubs.wordpress.com
Chill with us at #CabbageSubs on irc.rizon.net

Hana wa Saku rice fields.png

Hana wa Saku Spring road.png

This is a free fansub, we are merely doing a community service to spread and promote anime culture. We claim no rights to the original source material.

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Thanks for watching!